Sunday, July 20, 2014

Review: Mellow Mushroom


Last week, my family and I ordered from a restaurant called Mellow Mushroom. And since they were apparently known for their pizzas, we decided to go ahead and order one. My family and I have always adored pizza, and we 're really fond of trying out new pizza places from time to time, devouring down what they have to offer.

Anyways, since we were a family of five (that loved pizza), we ordered the large pizza. It was on the more expensive side, to be honest. The large pizza was about twenty five bucks, whereas the smallest pizza ( a personal pizza) was around eleven bucks. It definitely costs much more than the average Domino's or Pizza Hut large pizza. So obviously, my expectations for this pizza was much higher than it usually would be for a pizza place.

When we picked up the pizza from the restaurant and took it home, the first thing I noticed (other than the smell and cute box design) was the size of the pizza. The large pizza was 16", not 14" like most other places have it. Yet, the price at Mellow's was much more expensive than most other places, so I'm not sure if two extra inches made up for it.

The pizza itself tasted pretty good, but in all honestly, it wasn't anything that special. Though there was one thing that I thought was different. I felt that the ingredients used here were much more fresh and that they used better unprocessed ingredients. I mean, I've made pizza using fresh ingredients before and they have sort of turned out to look very similar to the pizza from Mellow Mushroom. And the pizza from this restaurant looks different from many pizzas that I've tried from other places. So I guess it would be a pretty reasonable guess to say that. Oh yes, I forgot to say before: the crust was really, really good. I think it was made from a type of wheat bread, but I can't say for sure. Hehe
Overall: 7/10   Would I recommend it? No, stick to your local, inexpensive pizza restaurant. I mean, if you're willing to spare the money to try a "only a little bit better than usual" pizza, by all means, go ahead. But really, who wants to do that?