Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fresh Peach Smoothie

When you hear the word "fresh", you'd probably think of the word "farm" or "cows". At least, I do. But when it comes to peaches, "fresh" means it came from my refrigerator. Not a farm. Well, not for the last 3 weeks . And somehow we're going to have to deal with that. And an amazing smoothie. <3


         Cut them peaches after washing them for 30 seconds. Also throw in the blueberries, milk, ice, and everything else.

                      This is what the...... mixture (?) looks like after 10 seconds into blending.


                                                      The view after 30 seconds.

I decided to rebel and add in some extra h-honey

And mix the honey in.

                                                         And you're all done! :)

You will need:

1 large peach - cut into slices
2/3 cup of milk
1 banana
A handful of washed blueberries 
1 1/2 tablespoon of honey ( adjust to your needs)
1-3 cups of ice ( again, adjust to your needs)

How to do it:

1. Mix all the ingredients to together- (after peeling the banana, slicing the peaches,etc)
2.Mix the ingredients together, on high, for 1-2 minutes depending of your blender or until it is smooth and creamy.
 (By the way, I use Vitamix)
3. Enjoy!


~ Raida Khan

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Raita Recipe

Raita is a Indian-Pakistani-Bangladeshi sauce that literally goes with anything. You can make it in countless variations and can eat it with almost everything! 

Today, we had BBQ for dinner and instead of using steak sauce, I decided to use Raita. And it was delicious. It gave the crispy and juicy lamb a unique sweetness that will make your mouth water for more and more. :)

You can change the recipe if it doesn't suit you because Raita is one of those things that everyone has a different taste to.


You'll need: 

A pinch of Cumin 
A pinch of Ground Ginger 
A tablespoon of ground pepper
A 1/2 tablespoon- 1 tablespoon salt
A pinch og Ground Garlic
A pinch of Black Salt
1-3 Cups of Plain Yogurt
1/2  Cup of Milk or Water (If you want it to be thinner)

How to do it:

Ah, the beautiful simplicity of plain yogurt. <3

                           Mix the Cumin, Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, and the other ingredients. :)

Wait...... except Black Salt.

                          Now add in the Black Salt, so the flavor of the salt intensifies the taste of the                                                                        other ingredients.

All done, just add in some milk or water as desired. 



Raida Khan

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Orange Heaven Milkshake

This is a match-made in heaven for the folks who love oranges. Or milkshakes. I know that I'm not particularly a fan of orange milkshakes, but trust me, this is really good and strong!

 1 1/8 Cup  Milk
1/4  Cup Ice Water
1 12 oz can of frozen orange juice concentrate (thawed) or 3 cups of orange juice
8-10 pieces of ice
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 cup of honey
1 banana (ripe works just fine)

How you do it:

*Makes three servings.*

Simply put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into three-four 12 oz. glasses

Tip: If you want it to be milkier and a bit thinner, add more milk. If you want it to be frothy and frosty, add slightly less milk

The ingredients:)

Mix em' all together. Here I'm using my Vitamix Blender to do the magic.

After mixing for about a  minute and a  half, it turned bubbly and frothy.  Just perfect.

Yummy  <3