Friday, May 31, 2013

Tips for Cake Pops!

#1- If you use canned frosting (Betty Crocker, Duncan Hines, etc.), make sure to use only HALF of the can.  Not anymore than that. Otherwise...... PLOOP! Your cake balls will be too moist and therefore fall from the stick when you dip it in the melted chocolate.

#2- I highly, HIGHLY recommend you use the Wilton Candy Melts........they come out very smooth.

#3- The cake pops will hold MUCH better if you freeze it for twenty minutes after you put the lollipop stick in the cake balls

#4- I recently noticed that there have been "Cookie Sticks" in stores. It is perfectly OK to use them. They are just a bit thicker.

#5- Dip  the stick in melted chocolate before you put it in the cake ball. It helps the stick and the cake ball stay together much easier.

  #6- Oh! And don't tap the stick to hard.....OR ELSE THIS WILL GET YOU (look below) 

Hehehe....just kidding! :P    Anyways, thats all I got :))))